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  Thanks for visiting our Dirt Racing site. This site is taking it's first steps to being complete. Below, you'll find what will be in this site in the near future. If you have any comments, suggestions, or ideas, be sure to let us know by sending us some E-mail.

Upcoming Features

Track Information This section will include phone numbers, fax numbers, maps, and other useful information. You'll be able to find up-to-date info to get to upcoming races, and maybe pick up on a few shortcuts.

Results This section will include the latest results from heat races, consolation races, and features.

Person of the Week This section will have in depth coverage of a driver, owner, crew member, or a person behind the scenes, featuring a photograph or two.

Schedules This section will include the season's dates and events.

The Prayer Chain

  Regardless of who you are, you know someone that needs a prayer. Most racers make a point of thanking God for the day's victory or sending out a prayer for an injured competitor. This Prayer Chain is just that -- if you have a little time today, please pray for these people. If you'd like to send in a request for a prayer, please E-mail us.

  Bobby Wilkins' aunt, Phyllis Fisher, who is recovering from pneumonia.